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The Rollins Group LA primary focus is on Apartments in the Los Angeles area.  Our group has over 100 years of experience in the Commercial Real Estate Market of Southern California. We have over 40 years in selling Apartments not only in Sothern California, but also in other areas of the United States. Our team has not only been involved in over a $1 billion in Real Estate transactions, we have also actively helped manage, finance and help with 1031 and DST's to facilitate the sale. Additionally, our principle, has acted as a General Contractor for 0ver 40 years, in California, to build over 2500 ground up apartments, as well as over 1500 units of apartment rehabs. We want to assist you with your decision to either buy or sell your Multi- Family property. Let us be one of your 3 Brokers you meet and discuss the future of your wealth!

We will use our tools to help the buyer or seller, when representing them, in the physical assessment of the property, the cost to bring the property to local codes, cost to improve the property, to maximize the potential rents, review the impacts of rent control on the property, fully analyze the current market and to ensure the offer to purchase is priced correctly. After the property is purchased, we will be available to assist in various ownership items that we can help with. We want to be a part of your resources, when owning a Multi-Family property in the Los Angeles area! Our goal is that by acting as your Real Estate Broker, we can assess the property, so as to generate a fair evaluation for you, to either purchase or sell a property. then negotiate a fair price for you.

Additionally by working with the The Rollins Group LA, we can reach out to a nationwide network of Residential and Commercial Agents that have resources that many Commercial agents don't. This brings the expertise of sub-markets, that we can make available to the buyers or sellers.

We can also reach out to owner's that don't have their properties listed, but may want to sell. We do this by having  over 51,000  contacts, that go directly to Real Estate Agents and Owners of all Multi Family Properties in the West side of Los Angeles and also additional contacts that reach out to very specific areas in Los Angeles.  This allows owners who just do not want to disrupt the tenants with a listing, that goes public, to reach out to a large percentage of buyers or sellers without having the traditional listing in place!


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A Real Estate Group with Experience the can make a Difference for a Successful Transaction!

      -   Real Estate Brokers with over a $1 billion in transactions
      -   General Contractors in California that have actually constructed ground up and  rehab units
      -   Property Management - our team has been on the ground managing properties 

A Complete Resource for the purchase or sale of your multi-family property!