RGLA Referral Program

Our purpose in presenting this opportunity to you, is to collaborate together in completing a transaction that is beneficial to all parties involved. At The Rollins Group LA, we deal in apartments only and would like to reach out to the Los Angeles brokerage community to work together. We believe that this is a unique relationship we can create that is a win-win to both parties.

We are reaching out to you because you deal primarily in residential properties in Los Angeles. Our hope is that we can find a way to work together that is simple, straight forward and lucrative! Our ask to you is, contact your client base, ask them if they happen to own Multifamily properties. If the answer is yes, ask if they would be open to considering options for their property. It could be a sale, conversion, refi, construction to update or the many other items that take place in the ownership of a property.

Collectively we have over 80 years of experience in the sale, construction, management and financing of Multifamily properties. We have license to act as the General Contractor having constructed over 2500 ground up properties and rehab over 1500 properties. We have collectively sold over a $1 Billion in properties in Southern California.

  • For this referral we offer a referral fee
  • Make a call to your client, see if they own Multifamily
  • Contact RGLA and we execute a referral agreement
  • At close of escrow a check is created and sent to you!

On our website, TheRollinsGroupLA.com, under the home section you will find a referral section that has the referral agreement and a full description of the process. Hope we can find a way to work together!