Intro to 1031 Exchanges

At The Rollins Group LA Our goal is to provide you with all relevant information about 1031 exchange possibilities and how that may enhance your investment. We are aligned with what we feel are the strongest Intermediaries that can assist in your transactions.

At some point we all would like to understand our options for the various investments we own, especially Real Estate! It is our feeling that the 1031 Exchange is a powerful tool that can be used to optimize your investment. Our job as your Broker is to avail you of all options, qualify what is best for you and your family.

Most investors are familiar with the concept of the 1031 Exchange, but our experience is that more information for the client will enable a better return. As with all things that involve taxes, especially on Capital Gains, knowledge is powerful! We can assist in that with consultants that have a proven track record. We can help collect the information that they will need to review the transaction in a timely manner, so that deadlines are met enabling closings to go as expected. We at The Rollins Group LA are determined to ensure that your transaction proceeds as you expect!

It is ultimately your decision which consultant to use, so we want to give you information in this section that will assist you in the process. The key items to look for in an Intermediary that will protect you in the transaction should start with these few items:

  • They are a Licensed Trust Company
  • Have errors and Omissions Insurance
  • Fiduciary Insurance
  • Segregate your account – Not a Corporate that comingles funds

We hope that whatever path you take that it improves your financial goals.