Multi-Family Apartments

The Rollins Group LA is focused on the acquisition and redevelopment of multi-family apartments that are located in the LA area, primarily in the beach areas. Our project sizes are typically up to 75 units and situated on locations in the beach areas west of 405 from Santa Monica to Long Beach. The prices range from a minimum of 1.5 million to 80 million dollars.

The Rollins Group La focus is on apartments in the LA area. Primarily on the areas located west of the 405, from Long Beach to Brentwood. We represent primarily Buyers, that are typically looking for mid-size apartment complexes, usually up to 50 units. Our group has over 100 years of experience in the Commercial Real Estate Market of Southern California. We have over 40 years acting as a General Contractor in California, doing over 2500 ground up apartments, as well as over 1500 units of older apartment unit rehabs. We as a group have done over $1 billion of transactions over the years in SouthernCalifornia and other parts of the United States.

We will use our tools to help the buyer in the physical assessment of the property, the cost to bring the property to local codes, cost to improve the property to maximize the potential rents, review the impacts of rent control on the property, fully analyze the current market to ensure the offer to purchase is priced correctly. After the property is purchased, we will be available to assist in various ownership items that we can help with the future re-positioning of the property. We want to be a part of your resources, when owning a multi-family property in the Los Angeles area!
Our goal is that by acting as your Buyer Agent we can negotiate a fair price for you. We feel that many transactions are done with the selling agent representing both the buyer and seller, this is a disservice to the buyer.
Additionally by working with the Berkshire Hathaway group, we can reach out to a nationwide network of Residential Agents that have resources that many Commercial agents don't. This brings the expertise of sub-markets, that we can make available to the buyers. We can reach out to owner's that don't have their properties listed but may want to sell. They just do not want to disrupt the tenants with a listing that goes public. Our acting as a Buyer's Agent opens up many more avenues to locate the right property for the Buyer!
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