Why RGLA and Apartments in Los Angeles

The Rollins Group LA has partnered with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Commercial Division - Warren Buffet Company to combine the resources of their Commercial Divisions and the Residential Divisions thru out the United States. The Commercial Division is one of the largest giving our clients access to markets thru out the United States. Additionally, unlike most Commercial Real Estate offices, BHHS gives The Rollins Group LA access to thousands of Residential agents thru out the United States

The Rollins Group LA goal is to assist the investor in his purchase or sale of Apartments in the Los Angeles area. Most importantly to identify and address issues that will affect that investment prior to the sale. Explore options with our clients and discuss the possible solutions to optimize the opportunity or look for a better fit. Our job with our years of experience, is to do our best to identify issues that will affect the ownership of a property for our client. We want to always be available after the sale to review any issues that the client believes we can help with!

We have combined 84 years of Real Estate experience in the Southern California area. Built and sold all types of Real Estate from apartments, single family, residential, hotel, resort properties, industrial, condos, rehab and probably whatever you can think of.

We have focused on Apartments for years because of the stability of the investment and our view of the market in the future. We deal in all areas of the Apartment Transactions, but one area we feel is most important is the exchange of properties and the consideration of our client’s retention of “WEALTH”.

  • Insight into micro markets in the Los Angeles for over 2700 in house residential agents
  • RGLA’s experience in the construction and rehab of apartments
  • Understanding market barometers that create market value indicators
  • Consider the LA basin and more specifically the coastal zone of LA the best area for safely investing money for the long term
  • especially foreign investment
  • Apartments are one of the best forms of real estate to invest in
  • Retail is as uncertain as it has ever been with buying trends moving to internet
  • Office is in transition to a more flexible workspace crating uncertainty
  • Hospitality is strong, but has a history of peaks and valleys
  • Single family residential is toping it market, and the demand is ever increasing, but affordability is still issue with only so many that can qualify. Strengthening the apartment market
  • Our ability to assist with exchange transactions thru out the United States with our partners. Also, the BHHS offices throughout the give us great input on local markets! BHHS is number one in the United States in gross sales, it helps!!
  • We have platforms to market properties throughout the world which is strong for acquiring investment searching to place money in the United States. (Juway)
  • One of our stronger services is to be a “Buyer’s Rep”.
  • In the LA area we have 2800 agents in 58 offices. Our Commercial Division works hand -in-hand with these agents and offices