The Rollins Group La is made up of Real Estate Professional with different levels of expertise that encompass various disciplines that are necessary to work in the industry. RLGLA is acting as your Real Estate Broker and wants to assist in your acquisition or disposal of Multi-Family properties.

As part of our group we have previously acted as a General Contractor, for over 30 years, in the construction of over 2500 units of new construction product. Additionally, we have rehabbed 1200 units of older units, been involved in the entitlement of various types of projects over the years. We think we are uniquely qualified to help with your review of properties when purchasing a property.

As your Real Estate Broker will not act as your General Contractor. We will give our thoughts that you may consider in the process. Additionally we can interface with your contractor to review his thoughts on the costs to construct and timelines to complete projects.

Let us help in you process and avoid those costly mistakes that can occur. We will stay with you thru purchase to the time you want to sell and move up into a different property.

About The Rollins Group LA's Construction Services

At The Rollins Group LA, our goal is to educate you about the condition of your property and to keep you safe from harm. With more than 40 years of apartment construction experience, we are also capable of doing property inspections.

Make Sure Your Investment Is In Good Condition

If you're selling your property, it's imperative to have an inspector make sure that it's ready to go on the market. If you are looking for a property to buy, it's important to know that the property is structurally sound and safe for living in, before signing on the dotted line.

We perform thorough property inspections in beach areas west of 405 from Santa Monica to Long Beach. You'll feel confident about your property selling or buying process once we've completed your inspection.

Rollins Group LA